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Never let a relationship go stale again

Rekindle fading connections and solidify bonds using Grape. Receive tailored activity suggestions, schedule them with your friends, and ensure none of your relationships ever go stale.

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Personalized Activity Suggestions

Plan unforgettable moments with your friends

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Grape offers a wide range of personalized activity suggestions tailored to you and your friends' interests, considering factors like location, shared hobbies, and past experiences. Have your own activity in mind? Grape allows you to plan that as well.
We don't just suggest activities. Grape also facilitates planning and scheduling them with your friends.

Customized Conversation Starters

Break the ice and rekindle connections with ease

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Grape offers curated conversation starters based on shared interests and experiences, helping you engage in meaningful discussions and break the ice with new acquaintances. With these tailored conversation cues, you can easily rekindle connections, strengthen existing bonds, and foster new relationships in various settings.

AI-Powered Relationship Nurturing

Intelligent prompts for nurturing your relationships

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Grape's AI-driven platform serves as your Friend Relationship Manager (FRM), designed to keep your friendships in a healthy state. Intelligent prompts remind you to reach out and engage with your friends at the perfect moments, maintaining their vitality over time. With Grape, effortlessly nurturing your friendships has never been easier.

Flexible Communication Channels

Connect with others in a way that suits you best

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Grape understands that everyone has different communication preferences, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to engage with your contacts. Our platform doesn't limit you to in-app communication. Instead, we allow you to choose your preferred method to connect with friends, family, and colleagues - whether it's via text, email, phone call, or even in-person. With Grape, you have the freedom to communicate in a way that feels most natural and comfortable for both you and your contacts.

User-Centric Privacy and Control

Ensuring your data is protected and respected

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At Grape, we prioritize your privacy and provide you complete control over your data. We are transparent about why we collect specific data and how it's used to improve your experience. We will never sell your information to third parties. Trust Grape with your friendships, knowing that your data is secure and respected.

Grape in Action

How you can benefit from Grape

Rekindling Connections

Have you ever longed to rekindle a fading friendship but found life getting in the way? Grape is here to help keep those cherished friendships alive and prevent them from going stale. With our curated conversation starters, you'll have the means to spark captivating conversations that strengthen bonds and rejuvenate friendships.

Planning Memorable Experiences

Grape doesn't only suggest activities tailored to you and your friends' interests; it also facilitates planning and scheduling them. Share your availability, invite your friends, and let Grape handle the rest. From a weekend getaway to a simple coffee catch-up, Grape provides the tools you need to organize unforgettable experiences with your friends.

Rekindle fading connections and solidify bonds using Grape. Receive tailored activity suggestions, schedule them with your friends, and ensure none of your relationships ever go stale.

What our beta users are saying

See how people are juicing out grape features

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I joined Grape's waitlist because the idea of having a platform that helps me stay connected with friends and family is really appealing. I'm eager to see how it can help me nurture my relationships!

– Samantha, Marketing Manager, New York City
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I signed up for Grape's waitlist after hearing about its potential to revive lost friendships. I look forward to trying out the platform's activity suggestions and making countless memorable experiences with my friends and loved ones.

– Michelle, Graphic Designer, Los Angeles
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I joined Grape's waitlist because the platform's seamless integration into daily routines sounds fantastic. I believe it'll help me find the perfect balance between being present and not overwhelming my connections.

– Alex, Software Engineer, San Francisco
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I'm usually cautious about using social media and digital platforms, but Grape's focus on privacy and user control caught my attention. I'm excited to see a platform that prioritizes its users' well-being over ad revenue.

– Lisa, Teacher, Chicago
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I can't wait to try Grape and see how it can help me spark new friendships. I'm excited about the potential to have more interesting conversations and make deeper connections with the people around me.

– Emily, Student, Boston